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My name is Danielle Smith and I’m a Published Writer, Certified Life Coach (REBT) & Personal Development Expert. I have a passion for helping women in transition find their way and believe the purpose of YBGG is to give you tangible tools and resources to get there. You might have landed on my site after hearing me speak at an event or reading one of my thought provoking bylines on xoNecole or BossBabe (archived). Steep some chai and head over to the writer’s block, check out my podcast or download some freebies to help you step into the life you deserve.

You Betta Glow Girl is an online hub for millenials of color and more importantly a community where I share gems to help you set boundaries, master your mindset and develop your emotional IQ. I’ve given my power away, had struggles with mental health and lost my voice after experiencing sexual and domestic violence and I get it. You’re tired of pushing your own dreams to the side and being dismissed but you also understand that change begins with you. Resilience is a superpower.  
We don't get to choose the cards we're dealt but we sure can reshuffle them until we get a winning hand.

- Danielle Smith

Brands I've Worked With:

21 Day Gratitude Challenge

The 21 Day Gratitude Challenge was designed to ready your mind to see the abundance that already exists around you. They say that it takes 21 days to cultivate a new habit, so I challenge you to speak life, count your blessings and watch them multiply

Danielle's Reads for Personal Growth

Like a peak into my living room bookshelf, my reading list contains the books that were most instrumental to my personal growth journey. You’ll find reads that range in topic from thriving as an introvert to celebrating your season of singleness. 


Accountability Planner

This download will get you in the habit of checking in with yourself on a monthly basis to take inventory of your life. Taking inventory looks like carving time out to see what worked for you, what you need to stock up on or do more of and identifying the roadblocks preventing you from achieving your goals. 


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