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You’ve been reading all the books, the courses that YouTube university has so generously provided and all the freebie downloads your email can contain but it just isn’t coming together like you had imagined. That’s the tricky thing with taking advice from people that aren’t qualified to handle your intimate bits. You’re tired of giving your power away and disguising it as being the nice friend, because you lose a little bit of yourself with every “it’s okay” you whisper. I want more for you.

I still remember the days that I would ask my power away, allowing others thoughts to replay in my mind like a broken record. Nothing I was doing aligned with who I was at my core because I was in the business of pleasing everyone else first. I hated it there. I would continuously tell myself, “Today is the last day!” but I would cave at the first opportunity to play superwoman was presented.

It wasn’t until I fully committed to my personal development that I began to see little shifts become lasting behaviours. The time, energy and financial investments I was willing to make in the name of growth reflected the changes I was seeing. 

I stopped believing that I needed someone to hold my hand or lead the way once I was given the tools and the blueprint to build my own success kit. Gone were the days of taking back seat roles knowing I was more than qualified to deliver like the women I admired. 

I realized the power was within, it just needed a bit of nurturing.


Together we will uncover:

  • The thought process behind your habits
  • Complete a detailed personality assessment to better understand your strengths, weaknesses and possible blindspots
  • Identify & eliminate learned narratives, limiting beliefs and/or conditioned behaviours
  • Work through the Breakthrough Blueprint framework to take you on a journey from Self Awareness to VVS Clarity

Upon completion of the course you will be/have:

  • Equipped with the tools and resources to further your development in your desired area of improvement
  • Knowledge on how to shift your paradigms and energy to tap into abundance
  • Guidance and support through a 30-Day Action Plan with measurable steps to maintain the momentum created throughout the program

  • How does the program work?

Each client is given access to their client portal where homework and relevant materials are sent as we work through the 6 frameworks and methodologies. At the end of each two week period we have our pre-scheduled call via Zoom. Recordings of each call are sent to the client as well.

  • How do the bi-weekly calls work?

Every two weeks homework will be provided to you to work through at your own pace. At the end of each two week period we get on a call to further discuss what you’ve actioned, your results and feedback from Danielle is shared at this time. You have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need to within the hour allotted for your session.

  • How much 1:1 time will I get? I don’t want to feel as if we’re rushing anything.

2 Hours each month for 3 months consecutively. With unlimited email access + M to F messaging via the Voxer App.


  • What if I’m not struggling with mindset, emotional intelligence or self sabotage?

If you need support and guidance while you’re in a period of transition then the Breakthrough Blueprint can help you identify any blindspots you may be overlooking that can hinder your progress. A lot of the time when we hire support, we know many of the things we’re supposed to be doing but we need a bridge to go from idea to the deam being materialized.

  • What happens if I’m still feeling stuck at the end of the program?

As we begin to peel back the layers while working together we may uncover more than one area that needs to be tackled to see a complete transformation. Your 30-Day Action Plan is to help you maintain the momentum we’ve created while working together. This will include actionable items that you can take from day 1 to day 30 to help you continue to see lasting results. 

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