The breakthrough blueprint
is a 12-wk program that
teaches creatives how to
get out of their own way,
execute their ideas to
live their best lives.

Before meeting Danielle I felt frustrated and defeated. I knew I had a lot of talent but the self doubt was real. With her work that Danielle tailors to your needs, I was able to get the ball rolling on my cosmetics business. She gives you resources, tools and encouragement. She really is rooting for you all around.
Teneisha Haye
Beauty Bar Owner

i hear it all the time, richfriend

✅I feel stuck 

✅I’m not ready 

✅I’ll start next year

✅I’m not an expert

✅I don’t have enough

✅Why would they listen to me

I’m guessing you’re on my website because you’re feeling some of these things too.

You’re ready to show up for yourself and show up online as the powerful creative that you know is inside. 

You wouldn’t hesitate to take action if you knew the power you possess inside. You’d probably crush it if you had a stronger sense of your unique gifts and abilities. But I get it…you may need a hand figuring out which steps to take first and a plan for accountability.

If you’re like any of my students, you’re ready to hit the ground running but there’s one minor problem…

There’s something that’s standing in the way of you glowing up and executing your audacious dreams. The dream that you can’t get out of your mind but you know you have to see it through…

What’s your breakthrough dream?

The dream that you know could completely change the trajectory of your life. 

Maybe your breakthrough dream is…

🚀Launching that business so you can create an additional stream of revenue and live life on your own terms

🚀Learning to get a grip of your emotions so you can create stability and build lasting momentum

🚀Being able to articulate your needs and wants effectively personally & professionally 

🚀Finally showing up as your authentic self so you don’t have to pretend you’re someone you’re not

🚀Overcoming your trauma so you can own your experiences and set boundaries to end painful cycles

🚀Unlearning the limiting narrative you identify with to reclaim your power and deepen self love

Whatever your breakthrough dream is, I get that like most creatives you really want to do it…but you’re also waiting for the perfect time?

Your mind starts to do the thing. You know, the thing when it chooses to work against you and asks you who you really think you are. 

Or you ask all your friends what they think of your crazy idea and say “it’s just a hobby I was thinking about”…knowing full well this is your lifelong dream. 

Next week becomes next year and before you know it you’re writing out your New Year’s resolutions feeling a little salty because this list looks familiar. 

This is usually when the high achiever in you that knows you’re capable starts to second guess herself. She starts to look for reasons to support your inner critic that says…I’m not enough. 



Good news…that’s not really true. 

More good news…it’s time for you to break up with fear.

Your fear of success is keeping you in a constant cycle of binging free content and downloading resources you never intend to use. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be scared that your breakthrough dream might be the biggest flop of all time. 

But my students and I are proof that it can all go completely right instead.


  • The thought process behind your habits and how to disrupt the pattern
  • Complete a detailed personality assessment to better understand your strengths, weaknesses and potential blindspots
  • Identify & eliminate learned narratives, limiting beliefs and/or conditioned behaviours
  • Work through the Breakthrough Blueprint framework to take you on a journey from Self Awareness to VVS Clarity


  • Equipped with the tools and resources to further your development in your desired area of personal improvement
  • Knowledge on how to shift your paradigms and energy to tap into abundance
  • Confidence and clarity to set actionable goals and achieve what you really want
  • Guidance and support through a 30-Day Action Plan with measurable steps to maintain the momentum created throughout the program


❌ Having little control over your emotions which leads to short-lived growth 

❌ Romanticizing what you could become if you got out of your own way

❌ Blocking your own opportunities and closing doors due to emotional instability and self sabotage

❌ Feeling a lack of fulfillment, joy and overall alignment with your current situation

❌ Saying to yes to opportunities that do not support your core values or your goals and leave you burnt out


✨ Showing up as your authentic self and owning who you are – no more proving your worth

✨ Understanding your core values & priorities/what you need to thrive and applying that knowledge to stay productive

✨ Taking the initiative to be a self-starter and see your goals through to the end

✨ Believing that abundance is your birthright and owning your gifts

✨ Follow a customized plan with the next best steps for you to take to see momentum and and lasting progress

1:1 coaching Framework


Together we’ll go through a series of personal development activities designed to help you better understand who you were before adversity rudely interrupted. We aren’t fixing anything because you aren’t broken – you just forgot who you are. This module focuses on introspection to develop confidence, competency & allow you to return home to self.


Now that we know what you’re made of and which environments allow you to thrive, we identify the hurdles you’ll have to overcome on your journey. We begin with assessing habits and/or behaviours that have been hindering your progress. We disrupt your habit loop to balance your life account to limit energy leaks, avoid energy vampires and reclaim your power.


Using approved REBT mindset techniques we dispel the tiny, yet overwhelming voice in the back of your mind that prevents you from coming into your power and owning your voice. We ignore who you were taught to, while dispelling social constructs that keep you playing small. Getting to the root of what you truly want, which is the first step to living the life you desire.




With a new sense of self and a deeper understanding of how traumatic life events influence how we see ourselves, we can write a new story. Together we create an empowering narrative that not only serves you but give you something to look forward to in the morning. The story you identify with is more important than the idea of you that other people expect you to align with.  



Everything becomes figureoutable when you break the mountains down into smaller pieces.

 Having an actionable plan builds confidence, routine & helps you establish boundaries. With a solid plan in place you hold yourself accountable to following through while removing the temptation to slip back into people-pleaser mode.



The last module focuses on healthy and effective ways to communicate boundaries, mitigating the pitfalls in your action plan & a 14-day check in. We can’t predict the future but we’ve done the work to identify and address what’s standing in the way. It’s important to maintain the momentum we create together. You didn’t do all this work to stay the same and it’s natural for you to resist the desire to change. We’ve got this glow up thing under control.


How does the program work?

You’ll be given access to your client portal where you can find all your homework and course materials. At the end of each two week period we have our pre-scheduled call via Zoom to work through your findings and discuss. You’ll get a recording of every call for your notes. 

How do the bi-weekly calls work?

Every call begins with focusing on your wins, then we get into the material and anything you may be struggling with. It’s an uninterrupted hour to unpack, process and plan with guided exercises.

How much 1:1 time will I get? I don’t want to feel as if we’re rushing anything.

Your calls give you 2 hours on Zoom but you can message me anytime on Voxer. I try my best to reply to everyone within 24 hours. 

What if I just need the Action Plan to map out my goals?

You may be interested in a Power Hour. I’ll create a 4-wk plan to help you map out your Breakthrough goal. This is perfect for you if you don’t need the additional support and accountability.  

What happens if I’m still feeling stuck at the end of the program?

The success rate of The Breakthrough Blueprint is extremely high because of our Action Plan and final Implementation Call. I don’t just hand you a plan but we tweak it for peak productivity. 

Super interested but how much does this thing cost girl?

The total investment for the program is $2222 USD. There are payment plans available where you can make 3 or 4 monthly instalment payments. Tap apply now to choose the plan that works for you.  

"Just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. This is not just a grab-bag candy game."

- Toni Morrison


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