Danielle Smith, Growth Coach & Creator of the Breakthrough Blueprint, believes that it is her duty to help her sisters in transition live the lives they truly deserve. She combines her down to earth approach and ability to meet people where they are with the tangible tools she’s gained in her toolbox to ‘loan her clients’ a little faith while they figure it out. As one of her favorite influences Oprah once said, ‘You just have to take the next best step‘. Using herself as her own case study, Danielle began to devour every article, book or course she could find on Personal Development in attempts to change her narrative and repurpose the pain. Today, she can be found penning up an Op-Ed bound to shake the room, polishing a program, ghostwriting for clients or at an 8 hour basketball tournament with her son. 
As an empath, I always knew that I had the ability to feel others’ pain deeply than most and would often be the go-to amongst friends when looking for sound advice on an issue. I became the Iyanla of the crew but didn’t have the tools to effectively manage the energy I was absorbing or the knowledge to support my beliefs. I learned to set boundaries and show myself some love too but that was later on in life. 
After surviving a dysfunctional upbringing, riddled with abuse that spilled into my adult years, I became overwhelmed and frustrated with the quality of life I was living and what I was accepting. When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, that’s where change happens. I became obsessed with psychology, what motivates us and creates lasting habits and change. 
I started to notice the language I was using when I would describe my life and take inventory of the thoughts that ran through my mind subconsciously on a daily basis. I began journaling and spending more time on self awareness to better understand my role in the situations I would find myself in. I was intentional with the stuff I was allowing to invest in my mental real estate…opinions, relationships, learned narratives. 
All that to say, if I could reclaim my mind and make it from the psych ward to your computer screen you can do all the things you dream of too. It’s my mission to help you master your emotional intelligence to tap into the life you deserve, because it’s usually a decision or two within reach. Our dreams come one size too big so we can grow into them. 
Remember that the rest is still unwritten.
Welcome to the home of the glow up.

L: Danielle with the volunteers for her former non-profit for survivors of abuse, Your Hope Dealers, Centre: Speaking on a panel for International Women’s Day, R: With Aisha Addo for Power2Girls Conference


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