Oh so you never had a Sha’Carri moment?

If we’re being honest, we’ve all had a Sha’Carri moment. Now what we’re not going to do is bash this woman but I couldn’t help but to reflect on the lessons on emotional intelligence buried in her story.

I remember years back writing a blog post for a popular platform on the ridiculous level of eq that Beyoncé embodies.
It was just after Solange buss Jay-Z’s ass in the elevator.
Bey never made a statement, she didn’t cry on live and well…like a true artist she transmuted her pain into her art and made lemonade.
Back to Sha’Carri and the lessons:
  1. Emotions are f*&%ng messy. They aren’t always neat and coy and manageable. Sometime they hit you like a tonne of bricks after you’ve endured something traumatic like losing your parent. Who you have in your corner in these moments is critical and how you survive the mean time in between time makes all the difference. I won’t even get into the embarrassment of realizing you overreacted when the dust settles.
  2. Everyone doesn’t deserve your vulnerability. Us regular regular people have the privilege of healing and hurting in private, but oversharing on social is definitely a thing. We’ve all seen it before, the trauma dumping on tiktok, twitter or even those paragraph things people post on black screens when they’re mad. They just don’t deserve to know you like that because everyone doesn’t love you like that. Period.
  3. Know yourself before you seek position or platform. She’s a baby walking in her lane so I want to be clear that I’m not picking on her but this lesson from Whitney Houston’s documentary stuck with me. Maybe you don’t want to be a celebrity, influencer or even seek fame – I sure as hell do not but with a following of about 7,000 on all my platforms that’s a lot of eyes. If I didn’t practice DEEP self awareness, which included months of healing offline, the comments that meanies email and dm me would cause my undoing.
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