The Why

You want world peace because it would make the world a better place? That’s a beautifully vague dream. Peel the onion a layer back and connect with your vision emotionally.

Admit that you want to eradicate gun violence because you lost your baby cousin at 5 years old as a result of it. Remind yourself of the pain that overtook your Aunt Jackie that lingers to this day. Think of the slices of cake she has in the freezer that she’s been saving every year since her 6th birthday. Embody the feeling of grief, terror and sorrow that you felt while dealing with the repercussions and when you’re done get out of your feelings, and out of your head and get to work. While your pain can be an amazing catalyst and motivator for your journey, it is important that we manifest from a place of abundance and positivity. 

Once you’ve gotten clear on your why, revisit the what and spend a few moments each day envisioning what that looks like. Your subconscious mind accepts anything that is impressed upon it numerous times as truth. What that means is that if you see yourself leading a campaign for your city on gun awareness and identify movers and shakers supporting you, with media features that eventually that mind of yours will lead you there. Embodying your vision through affirmations or visualization is what makes it real. We operate on the level of our self-esteem and raising your vibrations helps us to elevate our minds to match our visions and make bolder moves in pursuit of it all. If your mind can make a mess out of a perfectly good situation self-sabotaging and thinking ourselves into mental illnesses, imagine what it can do if we become its master. Keep your why at the forefront of your manifestation, leaving visual reminders and screensavers that keep you on track and grounded when you’re in the valleys of adversity.