The What

I begin all of my coaching sessions by asking my clients ‘What exactly do you want?”. The thing about manifestation is that you can manifest things wthat you don’t want, so it’s important to get clear on what your end goal is before you dabble in the powerful energy work of attraction.

My program is geared to get my clients to envision their highest and best version of their life but your goals may come in the form of wanting to clear debt or hoping to shed 10 lbs by February. No matter how you attack the elephant in the room, you have to begin from a place of clarity. I’ve been manifesting for as long as I can remember but I haven’t always been clear on my visions. I incorporate the word ‘success’ into my day strategically numerous times throughout the day. My alarm when I wake up is labelled success, my mother has expected nothing less than that from me since birth and it’s something I value in a rather high regard. It has become imprinted on my subconscious mind and is evident in my career path and personal pursuits. Success often came to me in the form of jobs I had no business working that were in respectable industries or high-paying incomes that caused me to sacrifice priceless time I could have spent with my family. I didn’t know what success looked like to me and not what I was spoon-fed it should look like. Instagram told you what to wear and what’s trending in fashion this morning, Twitter fed you the opinions of what 500 people on your tl want in a relationship and your grandmother reminded you that she wanted grandchildren by now. Can you hear your own voice over all the noise? Take some time and get still – journal, voice recorder or vision board on hand and map it out. ‘Your happy’ could be a decision away, but you have to get familiar with it first so you recognize it.