The How

This may sound like complete bs but that part isn’t really part of your concern. They say to succeed at a thing you have to want it more than you want to breathe. Your relentless pursuit of the dream, will naturally propel you onto a path that will aid in its fruition (book suggestion: The Alchemist). There is a phenomenon by the name of Baadher-Meinhof that suggests that when we focus on something, we tend to see more of it. When you’ve narrowed down your objectives and the baby steps you can take to get there, your mind will be more open to seeing the connecting pieces that will get you to the end result. I’m hoping to lose a bit of weight this year (and keep it off) so doing the work for me will look like searching workouts online that I can do at home, creating pinterest boards of recipes I’ll actually make and walking around with baggies of snacks from home when I’m at my sons’ basketball tournaments all weekend. I don’t know how I’m going to do a complete lifestyle change right now when I rarely feel for breakfast but I do know the baby steps that are within reach to get me on the right path. Doing the work looks like taking the next best step. You can’t afford a trainer, but you definitely have soup cans that can double as weights in your cupboards. Doing the work is what happens when you swallow your excuses and do exactly what you know you’re supposed to be doing. If you’re in the business of doing the work, you will be immersed into environments and niched-niches that you never knew existed prior. As a result you will discover supports, teams and facebook groups that you had no idea existed prior making your dream feel that much closer. It can seem as if the world is a mean place full of people ready to poke fun at you for having the audacity to dream but I see your ‘mean place’ and raise you ‘it’s all energy’. Choose to contribute to the positive, encouraging, abundant energy and allow it to give it right back to you.